SLAs & Policies

Service Level Agreements

Addition Networks target service objectives are:

  • Network availability of 99.999%. This equals less than 5 minutes of any service interruption per month.
  • Network latency of less than 15ms within the Addition Networks system.
  • Engineering design objective for packet loss of under 0.01% in the network portions controlled and administered by Addition Networks.

Note: These target service objectives shall under no circumstances be construed or interpreted to be a representation or warranty by Addition Networks.

For full SLA documentation, please choose from the following:

Addition Networks Mailing List Submissions (Tech-Forum, Addition Networks listservs)

The following guidelines apply to any posting that is submitted to Addition Networks mailing lists (i.e., Tech-Forum, Addition Networks listservs).

  • Purpose of Listserv — Tech-Forum mailing list, owned by Addition Networks, were established to provide the Addition Networks community with a forum for communicating with their colleagues in such areas as process or procedural questions, technical issues, product or service recommendations, etc. As owners of these mailing lists, Addition Networks reserves the right to moderate the submissions before any action is taken. We have the option of approving or rejecting the submissions; if an article is rejected, we will inform the sender of the reason why it was not approved.
  • Content of Email Submission — The content of the posting must be professional and appropriate for the target audience. Derogatory remarks against others (whether they are colleagues, people within a school district or municipality, or otherwise) are not acceptable. Subscribers are expected to exercise both common sense and courtesy in the messages they transmit over the listserv. Postings that contain disparaging comments about vendors or other service providers will not be approved; however, if a member experiences issues with a particular product or vendor, a simple statement to that effect would suffice.
  • Please do not use our listserv for conducting any private business or commercial activity without advance written permission from Addition Networks. Commercial activities include, but are not limited to, promotional announcements, product-related press releases, and advertising. Should such messages appear on the listserv, Addition Networks reserves the right to reject the posting.
  • When asking questions please request that individuals reply directly to you. After all the replies have been gathered, you may post a summary to the list. When replying to messages, do not reply to the entire list if a reply is directed at a single individual. Replying to the individual may be more appropriate. Replies of a personal nature should not be sent to the group.
  • Please note that the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Addition Networks organization. As owners of the list, however, we reserve the right to reject any posting that we deem to be in violation of these guidelines or otherwise inappropriate.